SMU Solved Assignment For MBA (2013-2014): Statistics (Numerical Part only)

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Q.2 (b) In a sample of 120 workers in a factory, the mean and standard deviation of wages
were Rs. 11.35 and Rs.3.03 respectively. Find the percentage of workers getting wages
between Rs.9 and Rs.17 in the whole factory assuming that the wages are normally

Q.4 (b) Calculate Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation between X series and Y series.
X 110 120 130 120 140 135 155 160 165 155
Y 12 18 20 15 25 30 35 20 25 10

Q.6 Construct Fisher’s Ideal Index for the given information and check whether Fisher’s
formula satisfies Time Reversal and Factor Reversal Tests.
Items  P0 Q0 P1 Q1
A            16 5 20 6
B             12 10 18 12
C             14 8 16 10
D            20 6 22 10
E            80 3 90 5
F            40 2 50 5
Formula of Fishers Ideal Index
Computation of Fisher’s Ideal Index
Fisher’s formula satisfies Time Reversal Test
Fisher’s formula satisfies Factor Reversal Test

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