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UGC NET Paper 1 December 2018 with Solution (Part 1)

Q.1 In the two sets given below, Set-I embodies the domain of ‘teaching competencies’ while Set-II provides the specific competencies which make a teacher effective. Match the two sets and select appropriate code. 91394313590                 Set-I                  …

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Walk-In-Interview at ICAR

Designation: unskilled labour Education: Minimum school education. Field and lab experience of atleast 3 years. Salary: Rs 14,000/- consolidated – Desired Profile: Experience in field & lab sampling of plant and soilsfor analysis and basic working skills of lab maintenance and glassware cleaning SEE FULL NOTIFICATION (PLS CLICK) Designation: Senior …

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Work from Home, Earn While You Learn

Q.1 What is “Work from Home”? Ans. Work from Home simply means to take some assignments and get it done from your home. Q. 2 What type of jobs are covered under “Work from Home”. Ans. It may cover a hundreds of jobs. Few of them  are described here: 1.Data …

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Business Mgmt/Org Behaviour Model Question (Complex level) MCQs Part-4

Q.11 Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and the other labelled as Reason (R).  Read the statements and choose the correct answer using the code given below. Assertion (A): In the 21s century we are going to generate new global leaders; not managers. Reason (R): Leadership …

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Human Resource Management Model Question (Complex level) MCQs Part-4

The Right to strike is a __________. (1) Fundamental right (2) Legal right (3) Right under directive principles of state policy (4) Social right of employee Who was the founder of Madras Labour Union and All India Trade Association? (1) N.M. Joshi, B.P Wadia (2) N.M . Lokhande, Lajpat Rai …

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UGC NET December 2014 Paper 1 with Solution (Part-2)

When academicians are called to deliver lecture or presentations to an audience on certain topics or a set of topics of educational nature, it is called (A) Training Program (B) Seminar (C) Workshop (D) Symposium Answer: (B)   Media is known as (A) First Estate (B) Second Estate (C) Third Estate …

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