Business Mgmt/Org Behaviour Model Question (Complex level) MCQs Part-1

1. Match List – I and List – II and indicate the correct code:

 List – I                        List – II

a.Equity theory        i. Motivation depends on comparison of one org input to another org.

b.Vroom’s theory    ii.People are motivated to achieve a goal to the extent that they expect that certain action will help them to reach the goal.

c.Porter and Lawler  iii.There exists a complex relationship among effort, performance and reward.

d.Herzberg’s theory  iv. A challenging job that has opportunities for achievement, recognition, responsibility.

Codes :

a b c d

(1) i ii iii iv

(2) ii i iii iv

(3) iii ii i iv

(4) i iii ii iv

2.Which of the following result production blocking ?

(1) Harassment (2) Group think

(3) Group burnout (4) Group control

3.Fiedler’s contingency model of leadership focus on the combination of:

(a) Leader-follower relationship

(b) Follower-Leadership relationship

(c) Leader’s position power

(d) Degree of task structure

(e) Degree of Self -esteem

Codes :

(1) (a), (b) and (c) (2) (a), (c) and (d)

(3) (c), (d) and (e) (4) (a), (b) and (e)

 4.The apex body at the highest level of the unit/division, which oversees the functioning of Quality team, is called

(1) Program Manager (2) Coordinator

(3) Steering committee (4) Supervisory committee

5.Which of the following is related to the moral course of action in organization?

(1) Meta ethics (2) Cultural ethics

(3) Normative ethics (4) Applied ethics

Answer: 1. (4),   2.(2),   3. (2), 4. (3),  5. (3)

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