Business Mgmt/Org Behaviour Model Question (Complex level) MCQs Part-2

6.Which of the following is the mental condition of individuals which determines their willingness to cooperate?

(1) Motivation (2) Morale

(3) Self-esteem (4) Delight

7.Which of the following organises the activities of a business around geographical and regional groups?

(1) Functional organisational structure

(2) Divisional organisational structure

(3) Project organisational structure

(4) Network organisational structure

8. Which of the following is behavioural theorist.

1.Elton Mayo                2. Herzberg

3.Dale Carnegie          4.Moslow

9. Which of the following is not a content theory of motivation?

(a) Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory

(b) Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory

(c) Vroom’s Vector Valence Theory

(d) Alderfer’s ERG Theory


(1) (d) only (2) (c) and (d)

(3) (c) only (4) (b) and (d)

10. Match the items of List – I with the items of List – II :

List – I                    List – II

a.Line authority        i. Authority which gives the manager the right to advise other managers or employees.

b.Staff authority       ii. The authority exerted by manager by virtue of other’s knowledge that he has access to top management.

c.Implied authority   iii. The authority exerted by directing the activities the people in his own department.

d. Functional authority iv. The authority exerted by a manager as coordinator of activities.


a b c d

(1) iii ii i iv

(2) iii i ii iv

(3) i ii iii iv

(4) ii iv i iii

Answer: 6- (2),  7.(2),  8.(2),   9 (3),  10. (2)

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