Marketing Previous Year-2018 MCQs Part 1

Q.18) Which one of the following types of retailers is “D Mart” ?

[a] Discount store

[b] Convenience store

[c] Super market

[d] Catalog store

Q.24) Which one of the following relates to products or services for which consumers will spend a fair amount of time comparing alternatives?


[a] Unsought products/services

[b] Shopping products/services

[c] Convenience products/services

[d] Speciality products/services

Q.27) Which among the following concepts is not related to product design ?

[a] Concurrent engineering

[b] Reverse engineering

[c] Enterprise resource planning

[d] Standardisation

Q.41) Explain the nutritional values of different foods’’ is an objective of which one of the following social marketing programmes ?


[a] Action campaigns

[b] Behavioural campaigns

[c] Value campaigns

[d] Cognitive campaigns

Q.42) In which one of the following product life cycle stages a firm improves product quality and adds new features and improved styling ?


[a] Growth stage

[b] Decline stage

[c] Maturity stage

[d] Introduction stage

Q.63) Which of the following are the components of international logistics ?

(i) Fixed facilities location

(ii) inventory management

(iii) Order processing

Choose the correct answer from the code given below :

Code :


[a] (ii) and (iii)

[b] (i) and (ii)

[c] (i) and (iii)

[d] (i), (ii) and (iii)

ANS. 18-c, 24-b, 27-c, 41-d, 42-a, 63-d

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