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Marketing Management Model Question (Complex level) MCQs Part-5

A store retailers with a low-cost, minimum margin, large-volume, self-service store features are designed to meet the ……………… (1) Supermarket (2) Hypermarket (3) Discount store (4) Convenience store Which of the following is a benchmarking tool to measure the logistics supply chain? (1) Logistics Preparedness Index (2) Supply Chain Performance …

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UGC NET December 2019 with solution

Q.1 Classroom Interactions are influenced largely by Student’s commitment Teacher centric environment Organisational oversight Unsolicited interventions Answer: 1 Q.2 A 50 year old man has a son whose age is 2/5 of his age. After how many, the ratio of the age of the man to his son will be …

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UGC NET June 2019 with solution

A shift in attitude in respondents between two points during data collection is called (1) Reactive effect (2) Maturation effect (3) Regression effect (4) Conditioning effect Answer: (3)   The time-frame in which a study explores a situation or problem is also called the (1) Reference period (2) Age (3) Longitudinal …

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UGC NET December 2018 with solution (Part-2)

Which among the following is the best field of study to improve the ability of students Experiment and analyse? History Languages Economics Science Answer: (4)   Which among the following reflects best the quality of teaching in a classroom? Through the use of many teaching aids in the classroom Through the …

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