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Lecture 4: Holistic Marketing, Marketing Environment and Marketing Channels (MCQs asked in Previous Year of UGC NET)

Dec 2019          Ans. 2 July 2019 Ans. 1 Ans. 4 Ans. 1    (Based on Lecture 3) Dec 2018 Ans. 4 Ans. 2 July 2018 33. Match the items of List – II with the items of List – I and suggest the correct code : List – I List – …

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Lecture 4: Holistic Marketing and Marketing Channel and Marketing Environment

The holistic marketing is an integrated approach which takes into account the considerations of various stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers and the society as a whole. Lecture 1 marketing-meaning-definitions-and-important-terminologies Marketing Channels Communication channels deliver and receive messages from target buyers and include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, mail, etc. Distribution channels …

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