Project Synopsis Rejection

Project Synopsis Format

Project Synopsis Format:

Project Synopsis Format provides a framework of research so we are explaining everything about Project Synopsis here.

Please see the steps to be followed during the project synopsis.

  • Project Title

  • Introduction and Objectives

  • Problem Statement

  • Literature Review

  • Research Methodologies

Note: Very few  changes take place in synopsis format as all university are having its own synopsis format.

All students  need to understand “how to write a synopsis for a project”.

Simple steps to follow Project Synopsis format

Before we go to make synopsis we need to understand the following facts of Synopsis format.

1. What is Project Synopsis?

Synopsis is a document which present the way of conducting research in future. It put a road map before the university about future performance.

A synopsis format helps scholar or students to organize the data and validate their activities.

2. What is Project Synopsis Format?


It is a name of topic which you select to study for the submission to University or College.

For Example: A Study of Consumer Buying Behavior towards e-commerce websites.


This section simply introduce about the topic in terms of its meaning, scope and significance.

For Example:

E-Commerce sites are the need of an hour in growing digital world. It is simply the sale and purchase of products and services through an electronic medium (Internet).

E-Commerce approach is not new. It can be traced back in the 1960s when companies just initiated to use Electronic Data Interchange techniques to transfer file from one to another.

Objective of Study:

The prime objective is to resolve the problem or challenges faced by his clients because this fulfill around 85% requirement of the client. There may be some secondary or minor objectives which fulfill around 15 % requirement of client.

For Example: In the above case, the prime objective is to engage the visitors at sites so that there may be conversion of visitor into purchaser or user of E-commerce site. There are few minor objectives like demographic status of visitors.

Problem Statement:

It talks about the issues or challenges in market which encourage you to study the problem and bring solutions to it. It is very important to write problem statement because it gives a broad view of issues and challenges about the problem.

For Example: E-commerce site are facing maximum bounce rate of customers.  As a researcher, you want to suggest some measures which can help E-commerce site to retain their visitors.

Literature Review (LR):

A literature review is a concise summary of historical research on a topic because it provides researchers a basic understanding about the problem on the basis past data. Such information is exercised by researchers to calculate, measure and clarify this previous research.

Research Methodologies (including Bibliography):

This section deals with research design which include the research technique. Let’s come to discuss some component of research methodologies here.

  1. Type of research: It may be descriptive research
  2. Sample area: NCR-Delhi
  3. Sample size: How many people will participate in research.
  4. Sampling technique: Simple Random Sampling
  5. Data Collection tools: Secondary data or primary data
  6. Which analytical tools will be used like SPSS, MS Excel, Minitab, Eviews, etc.?


Here, we put all sources (Books, Historical reports, websites, etc.), which help you to carry the project.

For Example: You may see good synopsis format on research journal like Researchgate, Growcode, etc.

Project Synopsis Sample Copy

Please see a synopsis sample Copy of MBA Marketing Project because it will give u a practical exposure to write project synopsis.

This project synopsis sample copy may help you to make your own synopsis. Project title isA Study on Consumer Behavior towards Big Bazaar”

Project Synopsis Format-Title- Objective- Sample Copy
Research Methodology
Project Synopsis Format- Bibliography

3. What after Synopsis

Once you make synopsis then you submit it to university or college. They will review with the help of your project guide and give you approval. Once your synopsis is approved then next task is to make final project.

Note: Make sure your synopsis as per project synopsis format. There may be higher chances of rejection(Pls see Top 5 Reasons of Project Synopsis Rejection).

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