Project Synopsis Rejection

Project Synopsis Rejection

Reasons of Project Synopsis Rejection:

It is very painful when someone rejects your project synopsis which may delay your course completion also. The project synopsis rejection will hamper not only your course but also a whole year.

Project Synopsis Rejection is a general phenomenon. It is not a big problem. You can find out the reasons behind this then you can easily resolve these issues.

Top Reasons for Project Synopsis Rejection

  • University approves your guide or not. So Make sure your Guide approval with your college or university.
  • Title of project synopsis is not unique. It means your topic is already submitted to university.
  • Title or topic is vague It means your topic is not precise.                        
  • Faulty selection of topic with respect to your specialization. Which become irrelevant and your synopsis becomes rejected.
  • Your structure of synopsis is not as per Synopsis format.

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Make sure your synopsis approved: 

  • Make sure approval of your guide. For this you may contact  your college or university.
  • Make sure your project title and other part of synopsis is not duplicate. Sometimes it happens that your title matched with others.
  • Make sure your topic is precise. For example, You select title like Consumer Buying Behavior. It is a vague. You may choose like Consumer Buying Behavior in Big Bazaar.
  • Make sure you have not copied content from any website or earlier projects synopsis. You can check the plagiarism to make sure that your content does not match with others. 
  • Make sure that your projects synopsis is as per your course or not. Once your synopsis approves then next task is to make final project.

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