SMU- MBA BBA MCA: Assignment, Synopsis and Project

SMU Assignments: Full Assignment for SMU MBA” Finance, HR, Operations, Project Management, Quality Management, IB, SCM”. Full Assigment for SMU BBA, BCA, MCA   Pls see full video of Synopsis Sample Copy SMU Synopsis Guidance (Pls see Video)   Feel free to contact @ 9718575396/9990919804 or email at   …

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UGC NET JRF Free Guidance

We are guiding KVS/DSSSB/PGT- Commerce and UGC NET in Commerce, Management, HRM/LABOUR WELFARE in Vasundhara/Indirapuram, Ghaziabad Pls contact 9718575396

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Marketing Previous Year-2018 MCQs Part-2

Q.78) The following statements relate to social media. Choose the correct code for the statements being correct or incorrect. Statement I : Social media does not allow users to interact among themselves. Statement II : Social media helps facilitate the consumers decision process by encouraging need recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, …

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Marketing Previous Year-2018 MCQs Part 1

Q.18) Which one of the following types of retailers is “D Mart” ? [a] Discount store [b] Convenience store [c] Super market [d] Catalog store Q.24) Which one of the following relates to products or services for which consumers will spend a fair amount of time comparing alternatives? Options [a] …

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Business Mgmt/Org Behaviour Model Question (Complex level) MCQs Part-1

1. Match List – I and List – II and indicate the correct code:  List – I                        List – II a.Equity theory        i. Motivation depends on comparison of one org input to another org. b.Vroom’s theory    ii.People are motivated to achieve a goal to the extent …

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Business Mgmt/Org Behaviour Model Question (Complex level) MCQs Part-2

6.Which of the following is the mental condition of individuals which determines their willingness to cooperate? (1) Motivation (2) Morale (3) Self-esteem (4) Delight 7.Which of the following organises the activities of a business around geographical and regional groups? (1) Functional organisational structure (2) Divisional organisational structure (3) Project organisational …

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