Right to privacy as a fundamental right will impact you:

A landmark judgement of supreme court, a 9 judges bench headed by Chief Justice Khehar armed comman man against the state intrusions. It would put a question mark on the validity of Aadhaar act 2016, which involves the collection and use of biometric details. Is these details are reasonable or is it secured and solely for stated purpose or is leaked for private players. As of now data collected by state would amount the violation of fundamental right if any leakages happens.
This historic judgement would allow to rethink on the provision of section 377 of Indian Panel Code, which criminalise sextual acts of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) adults in private.
This would have effect on various petitions filled before supreme court related to Aadhaar Card. These are given below:
A. Aadhar-Pan linkage issues
B. Government notifications making Aadhaar a must to access social welfare schemes benefits
C. Aadhaar Act as money bill (After this judgement, this act has to passed as constitutional amendment act under article 368 as it amends the fundamental rights)
This landmark judgement is not affecting only state players but also non-state players as well.
WhatsApp and Facebook contract entered into 2016 to share information including message, pictures and videos. The petition is also filled before the supreme court as this is violating right to privacy
Sachin Raj Singh Chauhan