KVS PGT Commerce

KVS PGT Commerce 2016

.Which of the following refers to the process wherein various tasks and activities are assigned to different departments and people in the organization? (1) Job description (2) Differentiation (3) Integration (4) Job rotation The interest coverage ration or the times interest earned is used to test the: (1) Firm’s liquidity …

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KVS PGT Commerce 2018

“Treasury Bill” is an instrument of short term borrowing maturing in a period of less than one year’. It is used by: (1) State Government (2) Central Government (3) Commercial Bank (4) Non-Banking Finance Companies When computing the purchasing power gain or loss on net monetary items, which of the …

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KVS PGT Commerce 2017

Which one is true? (a) Balance sheet is the best tools to show the financial health of a business. (b) Profit and loss accounts considered as the tool to measure net worth of business. (c) Dual aspect concept assume indefinite life of the entity. (d) None of the above. Which …

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