Navodaya PGT Commerce

Navodaya PGT Commerce 2016

The following information has been extracted from the books of a sports club : 31-3-2015 (Rs.) 31-3-2016 (Rs.) Subscription outstanding 45,000 6,600 Subscription received in advance 41,000 13,000 Subscription received during the year 2015-16 were Rs. 1,80,000. The amount of subscription to be credited in the ‘Income & Expenditure Account’ …

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Navodaya PGT Commerce 2014

Exhaustive industries also known as-(A) Genetic Industry(B) Primary Industry(C) Extractive Industry(D) Manufacturing Industry (Answer C) Memorandum of association does not contain-(A) Name of company(B) Registered office(C) Main objects of company(D) Dividend to be declared (Answer D) Which of the following relates to sole proprietorship?(A) Unlimited liability(B) Legal existence of firm …

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