Dec 2014

UGC NET December 2014 Paper 1 with Solution (Part-2)

When academicians are called to deliver lecture or presentations to an audience on certain topics or a set of topics of educational nature, it is called (A) Training Program (B) Seminar (C) Workshop (D) Symposium Answer: (B)   Media is known as (A) First Estate (B) Second Estate (C) Third Estate …

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UGC NET December 2014 Paper 1 with Solution (Part-1)

CSS stands for (A) Cascading Style Sheets (B) Collecting Style Sheets (C) Comparative Style Sheets (D) Comprehensive Style Sheets Answer: (A)   MOOC stands for (A) Media Online Open Course (B) Massachusetts Open Online Course (C) Massive Open Online Course (D) Myrind Open Online Course Answer: (C)   Binary equivalent of decimal …

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